Life After Divorce

Life After Divorce was set up to help people going through separation,
divorce and break ups of long term relationships.

We can help you with Family Dispute Resolution and can issue 60I Certificates. We mediate ex-couples to agreement with Children’s Matters and Property Settlement and we cut down on time and cost usually associated with these processes.
Whilst based in Brisbane, we work with clients throughout Australia and overseas - phone, face to face, skype and video links - you won’t spend time trying to find a place to park your car!

We help you to understand and know how to make major changes in every aspect of your life, while going through the most emotionally challenging time of your life.

We work on all issues after a separation, or divorce - children's matters, legal issues and timescales, the mid-range of issues between years 1 and 3, and pure life after divorce therapies and referrals.

We help people with their lives after divorce - new relationships, blended families, getting back into the swing of things - we even have a new life check to help you perk up and move on!

Help with Legal Issues

We help people going through the legal process of separation and divorce: we work with you to negotiate for property settlements, parenting plans, filling out applications and forms, write affadavits, file in court and help you with the process.

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We have conducted surveys and interviews to better understand divorce experiences, and to normalize the feelings and behaviours through separation and divorce and beyond into Life After Divorce – read on

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